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Most teacher prep programs teach Balanced Literacy, however, the science is clear that when we use Structured Literacy, this works for 95% of our students. The Science of Reading is much more than "Just" phonics. TRUE, while phonics and spelling are both windows into our children's learning, they help show us what they know and still need to learn, foundational skills are JUST AS IMPORTANT. Foundational skills, when accompanies WITH phonics and phonological awareness, help to support FLUENCY, VOCABULARY & COMPREHENSION.


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Did you know?

English has over 170,000 words, and kids need to know around 3,000 words to read 95% of text. There are only 44 phonemes (sounds) in the English language that we teach children to help them read and decode most words. 

Decades of scientific studies have proven that phonics and phonemic awareness training not only improves reading, but also increases spelling abilities and reading comprehension. 

Our reading lessons are short, quick-paced, interactive, and engaging and only take about 30 minutes each day.

The proven process we use in our lessons to teach children to become READERS is the authentic combination of systematic phonics, phonemic awareness, multisensory instruction, explicit instruction, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

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