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Auditory Processing Function Cards (Most Loved Cards)

These Auditory Processing Cards are meant to be a FUN way to help your child stimulate and increase brain processing. Join Rocket Dog the friendly beagle and his two friends, Chewy the squirrel and Rascal the raccoon. These cards and activities will aid the child in so many ways and it's FUN! These cards are the MOST LOVED CARDS in the toolbox! These bright and beautiful handmade illustrations have included all research based and tested materials that is sure to get your little learning thriving.

These cards can be used with along with the Brain Balance cards SEQUENCING portion for this activity. When giving more than one clue at a time and asking the child to mark off the images in the same order as they have been called out orally will assist with sequencing. 

Auditory Processing Function Cards (Most Loved Cards)

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