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Help! Can't that Child Hear Me?Auditory Processing

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Am I the only one who has thought this with one of my children? I don't know how many times I have thought, “Can't that kid hear me?" "Why doesn't he just follow the instructions I ask him to do?" Listening skills and Auditory Processing are not about the ear's ability to hear. Rather, it's all about the brain's ability to decode language, make sense of it all, then produce an appropriate response....complex right? After completing this session, the busy homeschool mom/teacher will not only understand the WHY behind Auditory Processing Disorders, but also have all of the assessments, checklists activities and resources for their own toolkit. Participants in this workshop will develop an action plan to GET RESULTS that LAST. Help! Can’t That Child Hear Me? This Auditory Processing workshop is sure to answer your lingering questions as to why your struggling learner seems to consistently leave tasks unfulfilled or demonstrate a hearing issue. Auditory Processing Disorder is different from dyslexia, BUT reading is language based, and so is Auditory Processing. Reading is language based, dyslexia is a language based learning disability, and auditory processing delays are weaknesses in the ability of the brain to filter and process sounds and words especially in language. This is why many children with dyslexia also have auditory processing issues and auditory processing delays can actually contribute to dyslexia at a young age.

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