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"I have a struggling learner who is ADHD and we recently found out he has dyslexia. I didn't know what exactly it meant to be dyslexic, nor did I know what to do or how to help him. He was really having a hard time in school and could not read at all when the rest of his peers could. A relative shared a video with me by Dr. Rebecka at Cherish Children Ministries. After watching, I felt so hopeful for the first time and I actually became excited about the information I learned from her and wanted to share it with everyone I knew. Dr. Rebecka makes helping kids with learning disabilities seem so natural and easy. There is so much good information she recommends doing with your child that is effective and doesn't take a lot of fo time to do, and my son has fun doing them. He has no idea that they are improving his brain and are not just silly games to play. I continue to do them and I continue to share her program with family, friends, teachers, and even medical experts. I am thankful for the opportunity of getting all the info she gives."

                                --Rachel, WA



"These techniques and tools are so useful. I never even thought about them as an educator. Thank you for helping me have less stress and MORE FUN with my students."


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Cherishing KIDS & families & EMPOWERING them to THRIVE

Does your child struggle with a learning disability that is causing frustration for YOU and YOUR CHILD? GOOD NEWS! POWERFUL Solultions are HERE!  Dr. Rebecka specializes in teaching fellow educators and homeschool parents a step-by-step plan to ignite struggling learners' brains (specilaizing in those with Dyslexia, ADD & ADHD & Autism), embrace their differences, learn the styles that fit their individuality, and how to teach your own students and children how to rewire the brain for a successful educational journey. The key to her coaching is that she is a master at creating the tools she uses to be EXCITING & EASY so it takes the hassle out of troublshooting & YOU can help your children rewire their brains for learning. UNLOCK their BRILLIANCE TODAY!




You dread the thought of teaching your own Dyslexic child or struggling learners in your classroom. The thought of listening to them struggle through reading, decoding EVERY SINGLE WORD is OVERWHELMING AND EXHAUSTING for both you and them. GOOD NEWS! With new information about the brain, we CAN rewire these young brains and strengthen them with easy to learn exercises for stimulation and SUCCESS! Learn how I teach educators and parents how to IGNITE the BRAIN for more fluent reading and greater comprehension. Spend MORE TIME on the things YOU love, and let me help you stress less about your struggling learner.

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