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Could Primitive Reflexes be causing the struggle?

Primitive Reflexes begin at the brainstem, therefore higher-level functions such as reading, comprehension, sequencing, are some of the functions that are not able to wire properly because of these retained reflexes. When these reflexes become integrated, then the higher-level functions can improve.


When an infant or primitive reflexes remain past the age needed, they can interfere with the neurological organization of the brain, which in turn, causes learning, social, sensory, behavior, and some health issues. Upon knowing the symptoms and what exactly to look for, individuals can begin to understand the “why” behind the struggle of learning. After they are integrated, LONG TERM RESULTS can be celebrated, and higher-level learning functions are able to occur higher up the brainstem.

It is important to assess for each reflex even if the child does not necessarily display any of the usual symptoms because there could still be one unnoticed as they are very small muscle movements in older children and adults and would not be noticed unless an assessment was given. These can cause a delayed improvement of cognitive functions, so it is important to check for each one individually.


Need some Help with Primitive Reflex Integration?

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