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Dyslexia Unlocked! Struggling Learner to THRIVING Achiever is the fastest growing online program for educators and parents; a COMPLETE program with FULL ACCESS to the custom library with UNLIMITED RESOURCES &  LIFETIME ACCESS!

Have a student with an auditory or sensory delay? There is an ACTION PLAN for that. Do you have a child or a student you suspect is dyslexic? There's an ACTION PLAN for that! Perhaps you are working with a child with ADD or ADHD? There is an ACTION PLAN for that!


During this program, we walk you through every step of the way giving you to most up to date research-based interventions, strategies, scope & sequence, target based lessons and instruction, activities and MUCH MORE! All of our literacy lessons are based upon the science of reading and Structured Literacy Approach, but not before first determining the area of the weak function. Most curricula fail because this key component is missing. This is POWERFUL! Only when we assess the proper areas of the brain determining the weakness, then we can strengthen the needed areas to ensure the brain is IGNITED for learning.

THEN, we guide you through providing foundations, full scope and sequence AND specific ACTION PLANS to address the issue (dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Sensory Processing, and more). After completing this program, the busy classroom teacher or homeschool parent/teacher who need some tools right now to help the struggling learner in your life unlock the proper areas in the brain for learning to transpire will have a COMPLETE RESOURCE GUIDE!


Dyslexic kids are brilliant, they just learn differently & 60% of teachers have NEVER been trained in strategies for assessing for retained primitive reflexes, brain stimulation, AND teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, & comprehension.! You just need to learn the strategies and exercises that work for 95% of your children! THEY WORK!!! I'd love to show you the exact assessments & strategies I use to unlock my students' brains, increase motivation, comprehension, self regulation and MORE & HOW to create your OWN toolbox. THEN...YOU can help others to the same!

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