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Let's map out a plan and give YOU tools and exercises to IGNITE the brain of YOUR brilliant learner. Begin to truly SEE success with your students and create a learning environment that will multiply your benefits & theirs over the next year.

It's Not You.

You've got something special...a DESIRE that YOU can IGNITE in yourself AND in YOUR children as well as those you work with, but it can't do anyone any good if you don't even know where to start.

With over 17 years of experience in education, I've figured out the strategies that truly work for students of
all ages.

Interested? Here are a few ways I can help!

Courses & Solutions

Are you TIRED of spending hours on the same things over and over? Are you worried your learner is not understanding or learning at the same rate as others?  The Cherished Learner will Teach & Equip YOU with EVERYTHING YOU need!

STOP stressing! LEARN  HOW your children THRIVE best, and FOCUS on THAT! For over 17 years, I have studied the varied learning styles, only to find a piece was missing...HOW children connect with God, the Creator. Learn the ways kids connect with God, and you will BE AMAZED at HOW learning takes a DYNAMIC turn for GOOD! No more STRUGGLES, NO MORE HASSLE! Join the MOVEMENT, AND learn HOW to IGNITE your youngster making for the best educational experience possible!

Dyslexia Unlocked! Understand your child’s brilliance and DISCOVER some ways TODAY to help your child succeed with JOY! Teach kids for the Win.

Spending hours trying to get your dyslexic learner engaged? Not sure why you need to reteach the same words every single day? 


Understand how these brilliant dyslexic brains function, the why behind it, and what you can do right now to help!


After completing this course, the busy classroom teacher or homeschool mom/teacher who needs some tools right now to help the struggling learner unlock the proper areas in the brain for learning to transpire will have a complete resource guide and tons of tangible resources.

Truth: your child is brilliant, he just learns differently. You just need to learn the strategies and exercises that WORK!

I'd love to show you the exact strategies I use to unlock my students' brains, increase motivation, and how to create your OWN toolbox. Then YOU can help others do the SAME!  



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