What do YOU need to spend MORE time doing? Do YOU want to spend Less Time Stressing about your struggling learner? Learn to integrate FUN exercises and strategies to rewire & IGNITE your child's brain with EASE? As a home-school mom or traditional classroom teacher, have you ever said, "If I could just get my child to read!" Have you ever wanted to inspire your students to learn and actually ENJOY it WITHOUT the struggle?

Discover courses that teach you how. Let me help YOU and your STUDENTS IGNITE the BRAIN and be DONE with STRUGGLING for GOOD.

YES, I want  to UNLOCK DYSLEXIA & Other Spectrum Disorders




I am a physical therapist and while we learned about these reflexes in school, we never learned anything about what would happen if they didn't go away or to even check for them. I am thankful for this program.


I am SO excited to be able to help my child before it's really too late. More moms really need this course, it is so helpful.


As a physical therapist in the local school, I have learned SO much from Dr. Rebecka. Struggling Learner to Thriving Achiever has a TON of valuable resources included assessments, checklists, and SO much more.  I use her resources daily with my own child and the kids I work with at school


As a nurse, I knew about the infant reflexes, but I did not know my child could be holding onto them and causing her such issues. We have struggled with [dyslexia] curriculum, and it's not making much of a difference. God puts people in our lives, and I am thankful for this program.

Rachel --WA

I have a struggling learner who is ADHD and we recently found out he has dyslexia. I didn't know what exactly it meant to be dyslexic, nor did I know what to do or how to help him. He was really having a hard time in school and could not read at all when the rest of his peers could. A relative shared a video with me by Dr. Rebecka at Cherish Children Ministries. After watching, I felt so hopeful for the first time and I actually became excited about the information I learned from her and wanted to share it with everyone I knew. Dr. Rebecka makes helping kids with learning disabilities seem so natural and easy. There is so much good information she recommends doing with your child that is effective and doesn't take a lot of fo time to do, and my son has fun doing them. He has no idea that they are improving his brain and are not just silly games to play. I continue to do them and I continue to share her program with family, friends, teachers, and even medical experts. I am thankful for the opportunity of getting all the info she gives.