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Join Rocket Dog's two friends Chewy the Squirrel and Rascal the Raccoon as their dialogue bubbles guide the teacher or mom on what to ask the child. The child looks at the pictures (Handpainted by a dear teacher friend) and responds. Sets of 12 cards. The first set uses the pictures to help with early learners and the second round is specific towards middle learners using the same pictures.


These activities are meant to be a FUN way to help your child stimulate and increase brain processing. These cards and activities will aid the child in:

  • Associative Deficit

  • Prosodic Deficit

  • Sequencing (you may use along with the Brain Balance cards SEQUENCING portion for this activity). When giving more than one clue at a time and asking child to mark off the images in the same order as they have been called out orally will assist with sequencing. 


Sound or Auditory discrimination is the ability to distinguish between similar sounds. Weakness in sound or auditory discrimination might be caused by physical hearing issues or by a weakness in sound  perception or any combination of these variables. Sound or auditory discrimination difficulties could affect phonological awareness as well as processing of verbal or auditory information. Just print your digital cards onto cardstock, laminate, and keep in your own toolkit.

Sound Discriminiation & Auditory Processing Activities

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