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Grab some FREE resources for your

struggling writer!

My mission is to EQUIP kids AND parents & educators with ALL the tools they need to make learning as simple, enjoyable and rewarding for teachers and moms as it possibly can be.

(And that includes tons of FREE resources, created just for you.)

I started my consulting and training business when working with my OWN  Dyslexic son who struggles with reading and writing. I figured out what worked, and I want to give educators access to FREE resources (whether that means you are a home-school mom or a traditional classroom teacher) AND NO MATTER your years of experience or inexperience. I want to share the knowledge that I wish I’d had when I first started and the resources and strategies that I'm using to build my lessons now. 

In order to fulfill this mission,
I'm committed to offering as much for free as I possibly can.

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