EQUIP them & families to THRIVE!"


Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecka!


Certified teacher, administrator, speaker,

writer & MOM of a struggling



It was through the struggle where Cherish 

Children Ministries was born, a mission

which seeks to liberate children with

dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and other spectrum disorders from the curriculum industry by

equipping and empowering them with 

holistic education for success in who

God The Creator made them to be is

what we are all about.

We encourage and equip parents and

teachers to get the tools they need to

ignite the brain and understand how these

brilliant kids to learn. Part of our ministry is

that we get to share our expertise and

experience with missionary friends working

with children in schools and villages in other

countries who would otherwise not have 

access to such teachings, content, resources,

and HOPE!


Understanding and implementing the varied learning styles, brain-based techniques, child psychology, reading strategies, and the

how and why behind struggling readers

were all learned in college. I had every class

there was to have...EXCEPT for the one

I needed when I found myself

homeschooling my own child and in tears

every single day. You see, I was able to teach hundreds of kids how to read, yet I could

not even help my own struggling child.

Our days were defined by an overwhelmed

mother trying everything under the sun to

help this child.

Little did I know this would be the

beginning of my journey where the road

would eventually take me to investigate,

dive into more classes, and create my own comprehensive approach, completely

research-based, kid-tested, and

mother-approved, (Featuring Rocket Dog

the Fun-Loving Beagle imagined by my own

dyslexic learner) to help struggling

learners all over the spectrum.


Embracing children where they are,

and sharing teaching strategies and exercises to help strengthen the brain for struggling

learners has become a great mission where

we get to take expertise to other countries

and schools, helping to solve learning

disabilities and spectrum disorders

such as Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Autism,

Dysgraphia, and others. Sharing TOOLS


that LAST!


Every student, no matter if they

public schooled, home-schooled, or private schooled, no matter the grade level, and

not matter the country, ALL students

should be cherished as they are made

in Christ's image. When we can come

alongside mothers, teachers, and caregivers,

and teach them how connections within

the brain are KEY & give them the tools

needed for success, THEN real learning can transpire. THIS can be done when we

understand HOW these kids learn best. 

We shift the focus to learning functions

that are causing the issues and strengthen

the weakness, rather than focusing on the symptoms. We recognize no one child will

have the exact same function deficits as each

one comes into the Cherish Children

Ministries program with different needs,

goals, expectations, and desires.


The effectiveness of Cherish Children

Ministries is that you can make it your own

and continually modify it when and

where needed. 


Most curricula fail to give results

LONG TERM, most assessments fail to

give REAL results, most children fail

only because those who love them most,

simply do not know how to find the LIFE-CHANGING answers for



I began to construct brain integration

strategies and lessons including the

different ways kids learn into all of my

lessons and allowed opportunities for varied settings.  I really started understanding how

the brain functioned, including exercise

and strategies that would help my children

and students with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD,

and autism learn to their greatest potential.



Allowing for learning diversity,

uniqueness, and individuality encourages

teachers, parents, and students to

experience REAL SUCCESS.


Understanding how kids learn best has

been the vehicle to bridge learning styles to

lifelong learning. Coming alongside fellow homeschool moms and educators,

helping them understand how to get kids

excited about learning, teaching varied

learning styles along with dyslexia, ADD,

and ADHD are some of the things we help

our clients learn. BUT, in order for them

to see the big picture, we encourage and

equip them to find the purpose for what

they are doing, the why behind it, and

master the strategies to help unique

learners, even struggling learners.

I liken what Cherish Children Ministries

does to coaching a sport's team. Not every

coach played professional sports.

Success as a player is not necessary to be a

good coach. Great coaches know the game

better than the players. Parents know their

kids better than anyone. Your expertise has

to do with crafting strategies and helping

your children see what they can't see while

they are in the game of learning. Coaches

focus on how to make bodies move in the

right ways to get maximum performance

from their players just as you, parents and

teachers, focus on ways to maximize your

children's performance along the

educational road. Parents and teachers

enable gifted children to perform to their

highest God-given potential because they

can convey the right kind of information

that causes growth, self-awareness, and

flexibility in critical moments. THIS is what

we get to do, and we are passionate about it.

You see, I don’t have any special power that

you don’t have. YOU know your kids!

Your kids are smart, and they

WILL SUCCEED with the right protocol,

and with the right dose of love and

encouragement, you will THRIVE.