EQUIP them & families to THRIVE!"


Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecka!


Certified teacher, administrator, speaker, writer & MOM of a struggling learner!


A former struggling student turned Doctor of Education, I am passionate about every child unlocking his or her highest level of God-given potential. Education has been the catalyst for empowering me to believe in my dreams, apply myself, live my goals, and encourage others to do the same


I learned varied learning styles, brain-based learning, child psychology, reading strategies and the how and why behind struggling readers like I was, and how to help. I became president of the International Reading Association, wrote my first children’s book, and landed a graduate assistant position in the Reading Department.



Little did I know this would be the beginning of my journey where the road would eventually take me to become a mom of three boys, two of whom have learning disabilities. Embracing the varied learning styles and teaching brain-based integration therapies for struggling learners has become a great mission where I get to take expertise to other countries and schools helping to solve learning disabilities and spectrum disorders such as Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Dysgraphia, and other spectrum disorders. Sharing TOOLS that WORK and GET RESULTS that LAST is what it's all about!



Every student, no matter if they public schooled, home-schooled, or private schooled, no matter the grade level, ALL students should seriously enjoy learning. Connections within the brain are KEY.  THIS can be done when we understand HOW these kids learn best.



I began to construct brain integration strategies and lessons including the different ways kids learn in all of my lessons and allowed opportunities for varied settings.  I really started understanding how the brain functioned, including exercise and strategies that would help my children and students with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and autism learn to their greatest potential.


Allowing for diversity, uniqueness, and individuality encourages teachers, parents, and students to experience REAL SUCCESS.


Understanding how kids learn best has been the vehicle to bridge learning styles to lifelong learning. Coming alongside fellow homeschool moms and educators, helping them understand how to get kids excited about learning, teaching varied learning styles along with dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD are some of the things I help my clients learn. But in order for them to see the big picture, I encourage and equip them to find the purpose for what they are doing, the why behind it, and master the strategies to help unique learning styles, even with struggling learners.

I liken what Cherish Children Ministries does to coaching a sport's team. Not every coach played professional sports. Success as a player is not necessary to be a good coach. Great coaches know the game better than the players. Parents know their kids better than anyone. Your expertise has to do with crafting strategies and helping your children see what they can't see while they are in the game of learning. Coaches focus on how to make bodies move in the right ways to get maximum performance from their players just as you, parents and teachers, focus on ways to maximize your children's performance along the educational road. Parents and teachers enable gifted children to perform to their highest God-given potential because they can convey the right kind of information that causes growth, self-awareness, and flexibility in critical moments. THIS is what I get to do, and I am passionate about it.

You see, I don’t have any special power that you don’t have. YOU know your kids! Your kids are smart, and they WILL SUCCEED with the right protocol, and with the right dose of love and encouragement, you will THRIVE.

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